Physical security at it’s best

Leverage a unique, product agnostic approach that is uncompromisingly focused on your business needs.

I characterize them as a ’think tank’ for the potency that they bring to the table. The scope is always exhaustively detailed, always thoughtfully written and almost flawlessly delivered – this is what makes them a true strategic partner.
ZBeta Client, Banking/Financial

A measurable difference

Data Driven

Ultimately we employ data and analytics to better serve our clients by driving significant value over time. This requires us to first define the very metrics by which the success of our programs will ultimately be measured. Once we establish these metrics, we can then begin to understand the data sets, tools and processes that will be required to collect and analyze the data. We then continually optimize and refine the data sets, that will in turn uncover opportunities for insight and invention that will lead to program evolution and continual value creation over the life of the program.

Technology Led

Deep product agnostic expertise, uncompromisingly focused on our clients and their business needs, allows us to drive further value by making the right choice from the onset. We maintain a comprehensive and dynamic knowledge base of technologies and products, both existing and on the horizon. We identify and actively leverage opportunities for automation, integration, and refinement for efficiency, accuracy, and scaling by hands on research, creative testing, careful thought and real-world experience working with some of the largest, most complex security clients in the world.

Human Centered

We design programs and solutions custom fit to the nuances of your company culture, mission and vision. While mitigating risk is of the utmost importance; in our experience, truly successful programs and solutions should not just protect, they should empower. Our solutions are built to blend seamlessly into the environments our clients have invested greatly in, while at the same time protecting and empowering their most important assets…their people.


Set the framework for how physical security impacts your whole business, reducing risk and enabling new possibilities.

To most people, security is merely a cost center, and there’s reluctance to engage with it – it takes a lot of understanding and expertise to help people see it differently and advocate for its value, that’s exactly why they get those more complex projects and why we look to them to help address truly challenging program needs.
ZBeta Client, Cloud Computing

Featured Resources

Business objectives & program vision
Create the goal sets that will drive the direction of physical security at your organization. Align security program priorities to business mission, calibrate them to culture, work style, and risk tolerances, and document them in a way that communicates clearly to leadership, stakeholders, and partners. Position security as a model function within your organization.
Program evaluation & gap analysis
Comprehensively audit and assess the current state of the security enterprise. Understand use cases, operations, systems architecture and technology deployment. Analyze findings vs. the program vision, understand where gaps exist, and identify the specific costs and lost opportunities of shortfalls, deficiencies, and underperformance.
System architecture development
Identify each functional technology need of the program and security enterprise. Create, evaluate, and select options for system logical and physical architectures that will serve use cases, enable operations, deliver value, support growth, and fit within constraints. Identify which current technology elements to retain, which to enhance, and which to add or replace.
Security policy, standards, & procedures
Provide stakeholders with clear and comprehensive guidance for successfully supporting and implementing organizational security objectives. Articulate the program’s aspirations and intents (policies), its rule sets for what security measures are to be applied under a range of business circumstances (standards), and the specific instructions for getting there (procedures).
Implementation planning & strategy
Integrate schedule, budget and resourcing considerations into a roadmap for program priorities, initiatives, and progress. Detail scope, roles & responsibilities, action plans, dependencies, spend expectations, risks, and mitigation plans. Create an actionable, and adaptable blueprint for re-aligning current state to the program vision.


Craft unique plans collaboratively for each space with a partner who connects all involved from outset to completion.

ZBeta’s in-depth knowledge of the client’s security environment was an invaluable resource, without which we would not have been able to meet the project’s very demanding schedule. Equally important was their willingness to work collaboratively with the design team to find creative solutions that balanced security needs with the client’s desire for an open and welcoming user experience. We simply could not have asked for a better partner on the project.
ZBeta Partner, Architecture & Engineering

Featured Resources

Functional & technical requirements definition
Translate program objectives and guidance into a set of tangible and specific system requirements that will create a sound platform for design and installation success. Leverage requirements to coordinate architecture, ensure infrastructure needs, select platforms and products, engineer solutions, inform configuration, and commission results.
Product evaluation & selection
Set strategies for selecting technologies and solutions that will fill needed system functional and architectural slots. Align selection approaches with schedule, budget, and technology risk tolerances. Qualify options, short list vs key criteria, verify qualifications vs requirements, bench test, performance test, and prove concepts.
Architectural & engineering coordination
Navigate security policy and objectives through complex project process and demanding pace of schedule. Ensure that building design works with intended security operations and vice versa. Fully coordinate all requirements for architecture and infrastructures, and recruit the entire project team to the security mission so that the most challenging design obstacles are addressed proactively and creatively.
3D building information modeling
Ensure equal footing for security by fully integrating it into building modeling and digital design activities. Eliminate late design conflicts, construction surprises, installation work-arounds, and late stage program compromises. Fully leverage data-driven design and automated system engineering approaches to do more design, faster, and better.
System drawings & specifications
Calibrate your investment in system design & engineering documentation to fit facility type, project budget, schedule and scope risk, as well as procurement and installation approaches. Utilize requirements-based packages to leverage capable & trusted contractors, or detail every aspect of an installation where nothing can be left to chance. Drive consistency, enable fully competitive pricing, and ensure program fulfillment through exceptional design documentation.


Ensure security programs are fully realized and implemented correctly with an approach that provides complete project clarity.

I have found ZBeta to be one of the best consulting partners we had the opportunity to work with. Their understanding of the construction process, and their ability to coordinate the needs of security with the general contractor and its trades, from pre-construction to commissioning and close-out, is fantastic. I wish all security consultants operated like ZBeta.
ZBeta Partner, Construction Management

Featured Resources

RFP & bid/tender management
Identify the best partner(s) for your program, for a single project or an entire region, and align RFP process to procurement strategies. Ensure apples to apples proposal comparisons and drive value through clearly defied scope definitions and response requirements. Make award decisions based on quantitative and qualitative evaluation criteria and leverage ZBeta’s extensive knowledge base of historical VAR project performance data in national and global markets.
Project management & construction administration
Achieve effective project kick off leading to true security integration into construction processes. Maintain currency and transparency of project status and installation progress data through standardized tool sets and customized work breakdown definitions. See progressive and cumulative scope and requirements verification throughout the build stage. Manage issues and roadblocks aggressively and solve problems proactively and collaboratively.
System configuration & programming
Fully realize the potential of your security software investment with professional services tailored to application configuration and optimization. Achieve a higher level of systems implementation through product expertise, true security operations experience, and a business intelligence perspective. Optimize application value by leveraging available features, integrations, and interfaces.
System testing & commissioning
Deliver security systems deployments and close out projects decisively and rigorously with documented testing plans and sophisticated commissioning tools and data sets. Ensure that systems and technologies work effectively for security operations, and as intended, in addition to meeting the letter of design specifications. Dynamically manage all punch and snag list items to clean and clear resolutions.
Site & systems launch
Enable full readiness of site security operations, meet SLAs, and create an exceptional user experience around security from Day 1. Manage the provisioning of access and credentials, coordinate staffing requirements and equipment delivery, train on software and its operation and educate local user groups on security objectives, standards and procedures. Support the roll out of new systems and technologies through effective communication and awareness efforts and in-person security orientations.

Managed Services

Improve speed, efficiency and consistency while lowering costs with ongoing project management and system administration services.

I’ve worked with the ZBeta team in various capacities for over 5 years. In that time they’ve been a valued and trusted partner as we execute scope on behalf of our mutual client. Their attention to detail, professionalism and partnership has been invaluable, and has been a large part of the success of the security scopes that my team manages.
ZBeta Partner, Project Management Firm

Featured Resources

Project and system data management
Find and realize opportunities for value by aggregating, organizing, and integrating project, system, and program data in meaningful ways. Define the data and documentation that are most essential to the success and growth of your physical security program and build effective tool sets and for both automated and manual data capture, processing, and management. Fuel invention and innovation through scientific insight and clear-eyed measurement performance.
Audit and compliance management
Maintain fidelity to program post occupancy and over the long term and identify and address drift from core policies and standards. Build audit and exceptions management processes based on tolerances for risk from policy deviances at different site and facility types. Create and maintain an accurate and up to date picture of the enterprise security posture, and identify tends in ongoing program conflicts that may require new solutions.
System service & maintenance management
Manage system break/fix work and preventative maintenance to the same standards as major systems implementations and capital project designs. Centralize ticket intake and triage under independent experts who’s incentives are aligned with your program. Correctly assign break/fix responsibility the first time, and eliminate unnecessary service dispatches. Progressively lower service and maintenance costs by tracking failure trends, identifying problem devices and solutions, and the most effective service approaches.
Program & system performance management
Continuously refine strategies for how physical security adds value to the organization. Evaluate performance and success across the full lifecycle of security technology implementation and program management: selection, architecture, design, installation, operation & management. Define specific and targeted KPI & SLAs and secure leadership, partner and stakeholder buy-in. Institute performance management infrastructure in the form of business reviews, reporting, and dashboards. Establish and foster momentum for creative ideas, innovative solutions and new approaches.

Work with the best

Our reputation is built on relationships, our meticulous attention to detail and our consistent ability to deliver at scale.

Unbiased Point-of-View

Every project is a new opportunity to think critically and creatively. We are independent, product agnostic, and we never utilize generic prepackaged solutions.

Deep Expertise

We bring decades of physical security experience across many industries and applications, diverse perspectives and specializations and hundreds of lessons learned to every engagement.

Collaborative Process

Our collaborative approach results in a true partnership with project teams, architects, and engineers from outset to completion. We creatively and enthusiastically recruit all partners and parties to the security mission to foster innovative solutions for difficult program challenges.

Flawless Execution

Sophisticated project management tools and a proactive approach ensure full project clarity for all parties including owners, contractors, and designers, from outset to completion. This detailed oriented approach yields exceptional consistency and smooth execution.

Real Value

An objectives-based approach, a delivery mindset, and a commitment to continuous improvement and optimization results in tangible value through each engagement, over the life of our partnerships. We overcome inertia, measure outcomes, and bring new thinking to the table for fundamentally better results.

ZBeta's mission is to deliver physical security solutions that empower our clients to thrive - today and tomorrow.



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