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I’ve worked with the ZBeta team in various capacities for over 5 years. In that time they’ve been a valued and trusted partner as we execute scope on behalf of our mutual client. Their attention to detail, professionalism and partnership has been invaluable, and has been a large part of the success of the security scopes that my team manages.
ZBeta Partner, Project Management Firm

As a physical security consultancy with a specialty in technology design and implementation, ZBeta historically had something of a Day One bias. And, there is no denying Day One is extremely important. If it’s not right then, it’s not going to be right on Day Two and all the others that follow. But, as crucial as it is — it is just one day. Our early orientation towards big CapEx engagements prevented us, for a time, from seeing a full picture of the enterprise system’s life cycle, and no doubt led us to undervalue the contributions of OpEx programs, i.e., all the work that’s done in the days after Day One.

We now recognize post-occupancy-systems work as equally critical to the health and vitality of any security program: work like move-add-change (MAC) management and system service and maintenance management, project, and system data management. ZBeta excels at supporting those who are responsible for this work on an ongoing basis. We help our clients identify program goals, insight, and clarity. We then measure our success through tangible progress — driving towards progressively improved effectiveness, efficiency, and lower costs over the duration of our engagement. We identify performance improvement opportunities, set program KPI’s, and capture and measure data to report against progress. We ensure our clients are fully-informed of the latest technology releases, developments, and industry applications through ZBeta’s LabZ program and are proactive in our approach to bringing game-changing ideas to your programs and initiatives.

Project and system data management

Find and realize opportunities for value by aggregating, organizing, and integrating project, system, and program data in meaningful ways. Define the data and documentation that are most essential to the success and growth of your physical security program, and build effective tool sets for both automated and manual data capture, processing, and management. Fuel invention and innovation through scientific insight and clear-eyed measurement performance.

Audit and compliance management

Maintain fidelity to program post occupancy and over the long term and identify and address drift from core policies and standards. Build audit and exceptions management processes based on tolerances for risk from policy deviances at different site and facility types. Create and maintain an accurate and up to date picture of the enterprise security posture, and identify tends in ongoing program conflicts that may require new solutions.

System service & maintenance management

Manage system break/fix work and preventative maintenance to the same standards as major systems implementations and capital project designs. Centralize ticket intake and triage under independent experts who’s incentives are aligned with your program. Correctly assign break/fix responsibility the first time, and eliminate unnecessary service dispatches. Progressively lower service and maintenance costs by tracking failure trends, identifying problem devices and solutions, and the most effective service approaches.

Program & system performance management

Continuously refine strategies for how physical security adds value to the organization. Evaluate performance and success across the full lifecycle of security technology implementation and program management: selection, architecture, design, installation, operation & management. Define specific and targeted KPI & SLAs and secure leadership, partner and stakeholder buy-in. Institute performance management infrastructure in the form of business reviews, reporting, and dashboards. Establish and foster momentum for creative ideas, innovative solutions and new approaches.

ZBeta’s mission is to deliver physical security solutions that empower our clients to thrive – today and tomorrow.



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