Brett Zelnio

Senior Consulting Engineer, PSP

With over 25 years of experience in the physical and technical security field, Brett previously served in an operational capacity, managing all aspects of physical security for North America’s largest convention center. As part of the host team for high-security events, he has contributed to security plans and coordinated with the DoD, Homeland Security, and every level and branch of law enforcement in planning and delivering on events such as the 2012 NATO / G8 Summit and multiple presidential addresses.

Brett has designed and implemented physical and technical security improvements to harden soft target facilities. His security knowledge, digital background, and attention to detail have been integral to many multimillion-dollar campus improvements and expansions. He has developed cost-saving security solutions that improve the efficiency of overall operations. Brett is an active member of the ASIS Security organization, where he recently served as a contributing author for the ASIS Protection of Assets volumes. Always leading the way in thought leadership, Brett has provided editorial content for multiple SIA publications. Brett is a National Institutional Locksmith Association member and regularly collaborates with the organization’s national president. Many of the top physical security solution manufacturers have worked closely with Brett to develop new mold-breaking solutions that challenge traditional boundaries. Since joining the ZBeta Consulting team, Brett has been operating in a multifaceted role covering traditional physical security consulting and testing new hardware solutions for the ZBeta LabZ team.



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